We offer following warranty to the products purchased from Zoff.

Product Warranty

We, Zoff , provide a warranty (“Product Warranty”) on the Products you purchased at a Zoff store . The term of this Product Warranty is one (1) year from the date of purchase described on the official receipt of Products (“Purchase Date”). If your Products are damaged due to manufacturing defects and you inform us about it within the term of Product Warranty, we will repair or replace the defective Products with the same products for free of charge. Should it be difficult to procure the same products, we will replace it with a product of equal value from our product line.

Accepting Stores

This free repair and replacement of the Products will be accepted only by Zoff stores in the country or region where the Products were originally purchased.

Warranty on Lens Prescription

We also provide an additional warranty on lenses you purchased at a Zoff store. Subject to the conditions stated (i) to (iii) below, your lenses will be replaced at no additional charge within six (6) months from the Purchase Date.

  1. If your lenses were prescribed by an eye doctor, a new prescription from the eye doctor within the warranty period has to be provided upon your request of lens replacement.
  2. A change or replacement to a different type of lens is not covered under this warranty.
  3. Replacement of damaged lenses arising from a customer’s negligence (deformation, cracks, flaws, scratches, etc.) is not covered under this warranty.

Accepting Stores

This free replacement of lens prescription will be provided by Zoff stores in and outside Japan.


The following cases will not be covered under any warranties stated above even though it is within the term of each warranty.

  • Any defect arising out of misuse or carelessness of a customer;
  • Any defect arising out of a natural disaster or accident;
  • Any phenomenon incidental to aged deterioration or material characteristics of the Products;
  • Any request for change of a design or color of the Products after purchase;
  • Any request without real Products for any reason, including lost or stolen products; or
  • Any request without the presentation of any official warranty document (including warranty e-mail)
    where we cannot confirm the record of your purchase and the Purchase Date.

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