Zoff is an eyewear brand operated by Intermestic.
We strive to create new value by offering eyewear as fashion items and also as tools to expand the potential of what we humans can do.
At Zoff stores, not only will you find eyewear that’s right for you, but you’ll also have new and fun experiences.
We believe eyewear should be something you can enjoy casually—we want you to feel like you can drop by our stores anytime.
That’s why we make sure our stores are bright and cheerful, with our glasses easy to choose from, and where you’ll see great new designs every month.

A Message from Our President

Turning Japanese Eyewear into Fashion Items

Zoff has been working to turn eyewear as “familiar” to everyone as a T-shirt. Since our launch in 2001, I believe we have succeeded in part in creating an environment in which many people enjoy eyewear in a casual way.

Fashion is an activity in which we engage in every day. And as with everything else in this day and age, fashion is constantly changing. The question we now face is: what products and services really have value today? As peoples' values continue to diversify, we strive to offer products that truly meet our customers' needs, products that enrich their lives even just a bit more—all from a fashion standpoint and in a variety of styles.

We strive to be a company that can transform itself in order to adapt to our changing times and environment.

We want our customers to be fully assured when they shop at Zoff.
And along with our mission to usher in a new era in which eyewear takes center stage, we at Zoff will use our in-house training and on-the-job experience to ensure that our customers are always satisfied.

Zoff Inc. President

Hiroshi Ueno

Management Philosophy


Usher in a new era in which eyewear takes center stage.
Be honest and do the right thing.
Study business and contribute to society.


Keep evolving and aim for 100 years.

  • Adapt to changes. Take on new challenges. Add new value to society.
  • Spread smiles with our world-class Japanese quality and hospitality.
  • Respect and appreciate everyone. Share in joy and prosperity. Build a future together.


Always provide products that exceed expectations.
Always provide thrilling and exciting experiences.
Always provide quick and attentive service.



Company name
Intermestic Inc.
6th floor, Oak Omotesando, 3-6-1 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Tel. 03-5468-8650
Fax. 03-5468-8651
May 20, 1993
  1. Sales of eyeglasses and sunglasses
  2. Sales of cases, cleaners and other accessories of eyeglasses
    and contact lens
  3. All businesses related to the above
220 million yen
Hiroshi Ueno


March, 1993
Foundation of Zoff Inc.
May, 1993
Foundation of Intermestic Inc.
February, 2001
Opened first Zoff store in Shimokitazawa
November, 2009
Foundation of Zoff (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
January, 2010
Started overseas operation. Opened Far East International Plaza store in China
April, 2010
Zoff store count has reached 100
October, 2010
Released Zoff SMART
June, 2013
Released 1st series of Disney character themed eyeglasses
July, 2014
Zoff SMART has sold 1 million pairs
April, 2017
  • Zoff store count has reached 200
  • First store in Singapore opened at Orchard Central
November, 2017
First store in Hong Kong opened at City Plaza
August, 2019
Zoff SMART has sold 5 million pairs
April, 2020
Foundation of R&D organization ZEPS (Zoff Eye Performance Studio)
December, 2020
Zoff store count has reached 300
February, 2021
20th anniversary of the opening of first Zoff store